Do you know this about gutters?

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Not every home has guttering, and not every home owner is keen on these nifty additions but if you are undecided as to whether you need gutters on your house here are a few things to consider.


Gutters are your house’s invisible work horse during the rainy season.  Without even realising they are up there, they are performing a very important function.  If you have noticed damage to the paint or worse the structure of your home this is probably because of the gallons of rain water splashing off your roof.  Foundation damage can cause you to have cracks in your walls or uneven floors.  Gutters collect the water from your roof and lead it away safely through a down pipe and away from your house.  Constant rain water from your roof can cause damage to your paving and driveway.  If the rain constantly pools around your house it can cause damage to your foundation.

Soil erosion in your flower beds will mean you constantly have to replace soil.  The excess rain water from your roof can also drowned your flowers as the water pools in the flower beds.  Doors that lead to the outside of your house will also have to be replaced due to the damage from constantly being wet.  Guttering can prevent this damage from happening.

Today there are several varieties of guttering on the market. 

Gutters come in several different sizes so make sure you get the correct size for your house.  For the residential structure, the most popular gutter is the aluminium gutter.  These gutters are light weight and durable, do not rust and come in a variety of colours.  The beauty of these gutters is that they are seamless, so there is less chance of them leaking.

Another good quality gutter is the vinyl option, which is also rust proof and whereas the aluminium may dent, the vinyl is less likely to get damaged.  Vinyl is also less expensive but will probably not last as long as the aluminium.  Another difference between them is that the aluminium is seamless and the vinyl comes in lengths making them more prone to leak.  Both options have advantages and disadvantages, so it’s up to your individual needs to decide which you would need at your house.

Once you have decided to get gutters and have had them installed, you really have to maintain your gutters to ensure that they serve their purpose and will be long lasting.  Simple maintenance will ensure that your gutters serve your house well.  The best time for maintenance is the off season when there is little or no rain.


Simple maintenance includes:

Clean Gutters: Make sure your gutters are free of any leaves or other debris.

Secure Gutters: Be sure to see that any damaged gutters are repaired or replaced. Also check that your gutters and not sagging or loose.

Seal Leaks: With the use of a garden hose, run water along the inside of your gutter and check for leaks.  Small leaks can be repaired with silicone.

Repair Downpipes: Ensure that the down pipes are clean and unblocked by leaves or other debris.  Also ensure that they fit together securely and have no leaks.

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