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Time to Redesign Your Bathroom Space?

Bathrooms are often small and placed any old way.  And when we buy a home, we don’t exactly get to choose the bathroom design that we end up with. Instead, we have to contest with odd bathroom designs which lead to bumps and bruises as we try to navigate ourselves in these confined spaces.

Had enough of your current washing up space? Well, why not redesign your bathroom, with the help of MD Builders?

Your basin and cabinet take up space, as they are usually placed in the middle of a wall and have a square design.  This means you will use up valuable space which could be better utilised in a better designed space.

The Basin

If you have a square basin, consider replacing it with a modern rounded basin with accompanying cabinet under it, and place it in a corner. This is a very sleek and modern trend.  Many bathroom cabinets have half a cabinet and then shelves under that, which can be used for placing extra towels.  This type of cabinet helps make the area seems less clattered.

The Toilet

Today, the modern hanging toilet is all the rage and you won’t have to contend with the sometimes unattractive, visible water tank.  With these toilets, the water tank is concealed behind a wall.  This makes it easily accessible through the flush plate, should your toilet have problems but generally out of sight and opening up space in your bathroom.

The bowl is mounted on the wall too and all the plumbing is connected inside the wall, giving it a cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing look.  The area above your toilet bowl is usually a wasted space area.  It does not need to be.

For extra shelf space, a slab of wood or granite placed above the toilet makes an ideal floating shelf.

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The Bath

Out with the square bath and in with a modern rounded bath, perfectly fit into a corner.  There is a huge variety of super stylish rounded baths on the market to choose from; you will be spoilt for choice!  Many of these bath designs come with jets, so while you redesigning, why not treat yourself and have a spa bath installed.

When you have the bath rounded into a corner, there will be enough space to fit a shower into the bathroom too.  Remember when choosing your shower door to look for shower doors that have towel rails attached to them.  Having your towel rails attached to your shower door is another great space saving.

The Walls

Walls in a small space are best kept light and bright.  Whether you choose to tile, cemcrete or paint your bathroom wall depends on whether you want a more permanent finish or one that you may wish to change occasionally.

Whatever you put on your wall remember to keep it light in colour.  Another great way to make a small bathroom appear larger is to put a large mirror on the wall.  Mirrors are marvellous for making a tight space look spacious.  Another clever bathroom idea is to replace the old bathroom door with a sliding door.  Since bathroom doors open to the inside, the space behind the door is wasted.  Having a sliding door can make a huge design difference.

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